Auction Tips

Auctions are a GREAT way to find good prices on items you may be looking for whether it be for your home, store, a gift or maybe something you collect or even those amazing antiques or rarities.

Attending Auctions can sometimes be a little overwhelming at first especially if you’re not sure of the process. Here are a few good tips to follow when attending ours.

1. We list all of our upcoming Auctions and post pictures of the items that will be in our Auction whether it be an inhouse auction or online only. PLEASE take advantage of viewing all items and descriptions.

2. We offer a preview date so that you can physically come to the auction house and preview the items and ask questions if you may have any. PLEASE inspect the items and take the time to research any item you are interested in purchasing. Remember all items are sold as is, where is. NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES.

3. If you have not Registered with us before, you can preregister at the Preview to keep from having to stand in line the day of the Auction.

4. When you arrive at the Auction, if you did not preregister, you need to get a bid card from the cashier and make sure you are registered to bid.

5. We have Auction Catalogs available of all items to be auctioned. We auction in numerical order so that you are aware of the items coming up. We also have two monitors we display pictures of the items as they are being auctioned. You may once again preview the items. When you’re done, grab a catalog and find a seat.

6. At the beginning of the auction, the Auctioneer will make his announcements and the auction will begin. When bidding, make sure you can be seen so that you are not overlooked.

7. When bidding on an item you are interested on purchasing, if you win the bid, the Auctioneer will call out your bid amount and bid card number you registered with. When winning a bid, it is good practice to write down all your lot items you won. If you didn’t bid but your number was called out, PLEASE make an auction staff member aware that you did not bid on the item. There will be a 10% buyer’s premium to each item you purchase. If you purchase items online, there will be a 15 % buyer’s premium. You can pay with Cash, Check or Credit Card. There is a 3.5% fee added by the Credit Card Company to all Credit Card Purchases.

8. If you have any questions during the Auction, PLEASE find one of the cashiers to help you. Our Auction Staff are not to be interrupted.

9. If you purchase any items and decide to leave before the auction is over, you may pay out and someone will assist you with your items. Please remember that if you need help with furniture or heavy items, you will need to wait until the auction is over so that a staff member can assist you. If you have your own help, feel free to take your items so as long as you DO NOT interrupt the auction. Arrangements can be made so that you to come back to get your items.

10. All items MUST be paid for in full before they leave the Auction Building. NO EXCEPTIONS.