Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper

Owner and Auctioneer

Tommy Cooper was born and raised in Georgia and has been around the Auction scene practically his whole life.

As a young boy, he attended cattle auctions with his Grandfather James “Hoopie” Cooper in Ft. Payne Ala. That’s when he knew it was his calling. As he got a older, his father, Riley Cooper, started heading north and attending car auctions to purchase vehicles to sell.

At the age of 20, Tommy started attending car Auctions to buy and sell for himself. He ventured out to Oklahoma years later and it was then, he started buying Antiques and collectibles and hauling to Auctions. In 1998, Tommy moved to and settled in Bellville, Texas. He opened up Tommy’s Furniture and bought and sold Antique Furniture and collectibles while still attending auctions to buy and sell.

Tommy then became interested in becoming an auctioneer and became an apprentice auctioneer for over 18 yrs. In 2018 the opportunity to purchase his own Auction Company came along and so Tommy purchased ALL AMERICAN AUCTION and attended McClennan Community College to obtain his Texas Auctioneer license.

Contact Tommy on 281-785-3303

Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper

Owner and Office Manager

Lisa Cooper was born in raised in Texas. Lisa has worked in the Semiconductor Industry in the Austin area for many years. She is new to the Auction scene and excited to learn about the auction process and being able to assist in expanding their business.

Sandra Rhodes

Customer Service

Sandra Rhodes is the mother of Tommy Cooper and has worked right along her son through the years. She has a big role in his success. Sandra has been in the Auction scene for many years. She is excited to help support and watch her son continue in his ventures.

Mark Hopkins

Mark is a retired U.S. Postal Service Supervisor. He has been working in the Auction scene for about 7 yrs. He is an asset to All American Auction. He is a clerk, coordinator for the Online Only Auctions, and does the packing and shipping for all sales.

Greg Henderson

Online Bidding

Greg Henderson is a High School Teacher and Coach for the Rosebud ISD for the past 20 years. He has been in the Auction scene for about 7 years. He is in charge of all the live internet bidding on Auction Day.

Jim Bartosh

Firearm Transactions

Jim Bartosh is a retired School Teacher and has been in the Auction scene for over 20 years. He has his Auctioneer license and helps out with our Auctions. Jim also has his FFL license and handles all of the firearm transactions that come through our Auction.