Terms & Conditions

AUCTIONEER is not liable for any person, event, or claim for injury or damage to any person or property of any kind or nature. AUCTIONEER makes no claim, warranty expressed or implied or any other representation as to the nature, condition, make, model, or function of any property at this auction.

All items will be sold as is, no guarantees. No statement anywhere, whether oral or written, shall be deemed such a guarantee, warrantee, or representation. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine condition, size, etc. No refunds or credits will be issued. Buyer assumes all responsibility or damages to the products or for injury caused by the product when the hammer falls and the AUCTIONEER says “sold”

There is a 10 % buyer’s premium on all purchases made by attendees on Auction Day.

There will be a 15% buyer’s premium on all purchases made online, whether it is an in house Auction or an Online only Auction.

The products may NOT be removed from premises until paid in full by cash, approved check, credit card or other approved means.

Purchaser (Bidder) eligibility: High bidder must be at least 18 years of age and have a picture ID. By participating as purchaser in any sale at ALL AMERICAN AUCTION, the purchaser represents that he/she is: a) registered with ALL AMERICAN AUCTION to purchase; b) subject to the Terms and Conditions contained herein and other applicable auction rules, including but not limited to any local auction rules, as a condition of doing business with ALL AMERICAN AUCTION. Application for registration shall constitute authorization for Auctioneer to investigate and verify all information provided to Auctioneer.

Sale Procedure: Unless designated by the AUCTIONEER, all sales will be deemed consummated when the AUCTIONEER’S hammer falls and the AUCTIONEER says “sold”, with the AUCTIONEER calling out the purchaser’s bid number and sale price and the block clerk recording that sale and all specific terms. All sales shall be final and legally binding only when the highest bid is accepted by the Auctioneer and recorded. In the case of a tie bid, at the AUCTIONEER’S discretion, bidding will be re-opened between the two parties in question ONLY.

Payment Terms: All purchases must be paid for and/or payment arrangements made and all fees satisfied on day of sale. All payments are to be made by cash, personal check, or credit card. When paying with a credit card, there will be a 3.5% charge by the credit card company.

Warranties: Seller covenants, guarantees and warrants that with respect to each item assigned for sale through ALL AMERICAN AUCTION that title to the item will be transferred valid and free from all defects, liens, and encumbrances. Unless specified by the AUCTIONEER all items will be assumed as-is, where-is with no warranty expressed or implied. AUCTIONEER and Seller are not responsible for any loss or damage to property.

All decisions and conditions of sale set forth by the AUCTIONEER at the time of sale are FINAL.

Changes to Auction Terms and Conditions: These Auction Terms and Conditions are subject to change as amended. Any oral amendments made by the AUCTIONEER will supersede this terms and conditions and are final.

Resellers must execute a resale certificate to receive a buyer’s number without paying sales tax.

Delivery/Pickup: No item/items shall be delivered or picked up by purchaser before final payment is received by AUCTIONEER in collected funds and no item/items shall leave the premises until all financial obligations related to the sale of the item are met. If you are not able to take your items the day of the Auction, items must be removed from the building within 5 days of purchasing them unless other arrangements have been made with management. After 30 days of item/items not being picked up, item/items become property of ALL AMERICAN AUCTION.

Shipping: We do offers shipping for item/items purchased. Before any item /items are shipped, invoice must be paid in full including shipping charges. NO ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED OTHERWISE! It is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements with our shipping personnel and give accurate shipping information. Shipping of item/items can be costly so please understand that if shipping exceeds the cost of item/items, buyer will still be responsible for the cost of items/items purchased.