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  1. You must be at least 18 to participate and purchase a vehicle.

  2. All sales are FINAL on an “AS IS WHERE IS” basis, without warranties or guarantees express, implied or promised on ALL vehicles sold. Each potential Buyer agrees that any vehicle being sold by ALL AMERICAN AUCTION is sold “as is” and that ALL AMERICAN AUCTION has not agreed to or promised any type of guarantee or warranty, whether expressly written or implied. The Buyer also agrees that ALL AMERICAN AUCTION shall not be responsible for any defects, repairs or other costs that may be associated with any vehicle being sold by ALL AMERICAN AUCTION to the Buyer. Bidder and the ALL AMERICAN AUCTION agree that the terms of the sale of any vehicle purchased at this action does not contain any other commitments, covenants or promises other than those contained in these terms and conditions.

  3. Participating as a bidder, you knowingly are aware that these vehicles are vehicles towed from accidents, left abandoned on a public roadway or property, and/or towed because the driver didn’t have a current or valid registration or insurance. The driver might also have been driving under the influence of intoxicants. Therefore we do not know much about the vehicles.

  4. There are NO refunds once a vehicle has been purchased. All sales are FINAL.

  5. Please inspect the vehicles and auction list provided to you closely for year, make, model and condition before bidding. Your bid is final and irrevocable. No repairs or parts removed may be removed in the tow yard.

  6. We do not give any warranties, refunds or exchanges. The vehicles are sold AS-IS.

  7. We cannot guarantee that the vehicle will start, run or drive after the auction.

  8. We do not do a safety inspection of these vehicles and do not give any guarantee of its road worthiness.

  9. Not all vehicles have keys, but if they do you will be provided with keys. Some vehicles have been “hot wired” or have the ignition punched out and no keys were provided.

  10. Keys are only guaranteed to work in the ignition.


  12. Full payment is to be made immediately following the auction. No vehicles will be removed until paid in full.

  13. We will accept a credit card/debit from the cardholder only, ID required, 3.7% additional fee required. Recognized regular buyers may be allowed to write a check, depending on the circumstances. However, that is the exception, not the rule. “Recognized regular buyers” are at the sole discretion of S&S Towing management. 

  14. Once the vehicle is paid for in full, you will receive the needed paperwork for the Texas DMV, with these forms you will be able to go to the DMV and register the vehicle. 

  15. Please bring a car trailer or car dolly to haul away vehicle purchases

  16. We are not responsible for any damage or theft from the auction vehicles after close of business on the day of the auction. We highly recommend that you take your purchased vehicle off the lot the day of sale.

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